About Us

Pekatu started their venture physically about 25 years back as a laptop wholesaler at CABNET TECHNOLOGY, Rawalpindi. Their aim was to make technology available to the masses. The response that Pekatu received with their initiative was very overwhelming. Owing to the sales, it could be easily depicted that people were quite content with buying with Pekatu, and why not? They provided them the latest tech at the lowest price in Pakistan.

Pekatu – one of the biggest online electronic stores in Pakistan. The journey however just started from then onwards. More the people found out about them, more they started to like them.

Online Store that sets all the facts right
Let join us we all are very busy in our own routines and do not have time to roam around shopping for the right gadget that suits our needs. Pekatu does half of our homework by listing down all the facts and figures, like the features and specifications of a product alongside a brief review so that we know what we can expect out of it. How responsively it will perform, how it looks from the outside, and what it carries in the inside. Pekatu answers all these questions regarding the products and delivers it right to your doorstep.

Best Prices (Online) in Pakistan
Pekatu brings you brand new products with the seal of approval at an unbelievably best price than other online suppliers. To maintain affordability and reach out the masses is what they basically intend to strive for. Whatever the product; be it a tablet, Mobile phones, Camera, laptop, smart watch, desktop, gaming console, home appliance or any other accessory, at Pekatu.com you will find it at the lowest prices online in Pakistan.

Fastest Delivery
Ordered a product online but it didn’t make it on time. Haven’t we all been through this? Pekatu makes sure the product reaches you within 2-3 working days. To keep the product safe, it is cushioned with safety packaging to prevent any sort of damage and delivered through a reliable source to make sure it is not mishandled in any way.

We offering best variety on best price On 100 % secure payment method.

Keeping it Tech Savvy with all types of Tech Gadgets
Pekatu deals in all things tech and not just laptops and mobiles. Yeah, initially they started as a laptop retailer but now their collection has all that you can think of. Name any tech product you want and they will have it delivered to your doorstep. In case, the huge list of products they are offering is not enough and you do not find what you are looking for, you can always leave a Product Addition Request by leaving them a message, email or by placing a call at their customer support service.

Seal of Approval
When you are ordering online there is a lot of deception going on. Unlike clothes, when you are ordering a gadget, it is not the color, print or material that matters, it is actually the processor, RAM, the specifications and the Seal of Originality that matters the most. What some e-stores show and claim is something else, while what they deliver is entirely different. Pekatu does not believe in making false claims, we only claim what the product offers and do our level best to make sure it reaches you safely with the seal of originality intact. To further assist, all of our products are under warranty with an option to add Pekatu local warranty plan.

Customer Service Center
Our customer support service is available to receive your feedbacks and answer your queries. Customers can easily reach them via call, emails, online support or simply leave us a message on Facebook or Instagram.